250g Baobab Fruit Powder


� Vegan
� Ethically Sourced
� Baobab Fruit Powder is composed of 50% Dietary Fiber, 75%
of which is soluble Prebiotic Dietary Fiber ( The food for the
beneficial bacteria in our tummies)
� Baobab Fruit Powder helps regulate blood sugar
� An adaptogen, which is a substance that is able to decrease the level of stress, anxiety,
fatigue and tiredness in the human body
� Powerful blood alkalizing agent
� High Potassium content making it a powerful electrolyte
� Non-irradiated

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An African fruit that holds within itself many gifts for your whole body. This super fruit powder is an amazingly delicious addition to your super food regiment.
If Moringa can be seen as the King of the super foods then Baobab is the queen. This powder seems to nutritionally
outperform many of the other well-known super fruits like acai berry, goji berry, blueberries. This powder is packed with many antioxidants, huge supplies of Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Calcium. This impressive entourage of micro-nutrients and its lovely citrus-zesty flavor makes it a favourite choice amongst young and old alike, a perfect addition to the diet of your whole family.

1-2 teaspoons per day
100% Wild harvested Baobab Powder


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