250g Moringa Powder


� Vegan
� Ethically Sourced
� Manufactured in a GMP compliant facility
� FSSC 2200 Food safety product
� GMO-free
� Nutritional analysis, Heavy Metal, Pesticide, micro biologically tested and approved
� Non-irradiated
� Excellent plant-based protein with all 9 essential amino acids
� High calcium content for bone health
High potassium content for heart health provides enzyme super oxide dismutase against free radicals
� Excellent for Sportsmen


A natural multivitamin super food powder, excellent choice to keep the whole family healthy, happy
and strong.
Made from the finest nutrient dense leaves, grown in the rich soil of Africa, With every gram taste the
freshness and feel the benefits provided by Nature. This powder is an excellent source of antioxidants,
vitamins, minerals, trace elements, omegas and all 9 essential amino acids

250g Pure leaf Powder
A flat teaspoon per day
100% Organically grown Moringa Leaf Powder.


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